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So goodgood is what's to be. It's an approach to design that favors
positive change in the realms of economy, ecology and equity.*

It's in development right now, but we promise to keep the goodgood
vibes coming.







goodgood, Present-Future





goodgood, Present-Future


* The phrase I had originally written was so close to McDonough and Braungart'sE3” fractal, that I decided to quote them... and if you haven't read, Cradle to Cradle, you should.















some joy, some pain
(excerpt), Super 8mm/Digital Video, 2008, 00:03:34



some joy, some pain,
Super 8mm and Digital
Video, 2008, 00:03:34

some joy, some pain was a collaborative effort undertaken with my neighbor and friend, Lady E, a 64 year old blues singer. Working together, we created a hybrid documentary/performance on the blues, experienced through Lady E's life in Richmond, Virginia.

This is an exerpt from the film.

The some joy, some pain DVD is available here.






Shop RVA: Shop Local, Book Cover, Digital Color, 100 pages, 7.5” x 7.5”, 2008

Shop RVA

Shop RVA: Shop Local, Spread, Digital Color, 100 pages, 7.5” x 7.5”, 2008

Student Designers: Jaclyn Bishop, David Cherry, Claire Crowley



Shop RVA: Shop Local, Book, Digital Color, 100 pages, 7.5” x 7.5”, 2008

This book was the result of a fruitful collaboration between shop-owners and students from the “Design, Anthropology and the Community” course I taught at Virginia Commonwealth University, in Spring 2008. Shop RVA aims to create bridges within the community and foster an awareness of the locally owned businesses in Richmond, Virginia and the benefits that shopping locally can bring to our neighborhoods.

For more on the project (and to view more images) click here.




a small light (trailer), Digital Video, 2004, 00:30:15



a small light, Digital
Video, 2004, 00:30:15

a small light is a ethnographic film
by anthropologist, Julia Yezbick. I
assisted her with the research, filming
and audio recording in Nepal during
the summer of 2004.

A Hindu sadhu narrates a small light,
in which a Catholic nun cares for a
group of elderly living out their remaining days at the auspicious site of Pashupathinath temple.

A look at old age, death and dying in
a Hindu temple in Kathmandu, Nepal, this documentary is a unique experi-
mental hybrid of observational cinema and metaphorical narrative.

To view the film please visit www.asmallight.org.




, Appendix, large format b&w, 7'x10', 2004-07



fleshconcret (the Detroit Project), 5 Channel Audio
Installation, Mixed Media, 2004-07



fleshconcret (the Detroit Project), multi-channel sound installation, 2004-07

fleshconcret began as a means for a personal understanding of Detroit, a city I had long called my hometown; focusing on architecture, immigration, city planning and human response to the psycho-geography of a city.

The project took on the form of a mixed media installation which combined video, ethnographic audio (interviews/field recordings) with print media, which served as an appendix to the five channel installation. Each audio channel is the voice of a resident recounting their life and living situations, covering over 70 years of personal narratives in Detroit. The appendix (which unfolds to 7’x10’) maps the conversations, paralleling each with the city’s history. This installation is the result of a long (4 year) meditation on the city of Detroit.

For more on the project, and to listen to tracks from the sound installation, click here.