drops it like its really really cold. like dry ice or something.






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sounds: noun + solvent + corporeal + floyd + field recording + markets + public space + e(x) + exvoto +only to see + poïesis + jomas + the detroit project (fleshconcret)







Noun is a spontaneous or considered combination of acoustic and electronic sound generated within a given space in conjunction with projected visuals. Noun is the result of collaboration between the two individuals Ben Gaydos and Matt Klimas.



Noun is personplacething.net

The recordings below are available for download below in mp3 format, just right click on the title (below the player), and save the track.





Sponge (Part 1), Solvent, Noun, 2007, 00:02:29 (right click track name to save)

Haiku, Solvent, Noun, 2007, 00:02:29


Solvent, Noun, 2007, 00:35:48

Essentially a "live" album, Solvent is a document of an emergent process. Culled from a years worth of experimental sessions in various spaces and places throughout Richmond, Virginia, Solvent takes it's name after one such creative factory, a converted industrial building where, for one week, Noun was given free range to make whatever sounds we could come up with. Solvent can be downloaded *free* here.




Corporeal, Live at Gallery5, Noun, 2008, 00:40:20 (raw & rough mix)


To view pictures from the A|V perform-
ance (with ilad, Shenanigans.tv & Noun)
click here.

Corporeal, Noun, 2008, 00:40:20

Corporeal is a vaudial poem in five acts, a completely integrated audio/visual work. Originally as a one-off performance for the "A\V" show at Gallery5 in Richmond, VA, Corporeal is currently being mixed in both stereo and multi-channel versions.

Keeps your ears out for the DVD album in late '08!
















Floyd, Noun / Julia Yezbick, 2007, 00:04:06

Floyd, Noun / Julia Yezbick, 2007, 00:04:06

Floyd was a collaboration between Noun and filmmaker Julia Yezbick. For one night we holed ourselves up in a 19th Century convent(converted into a beloved graduate studio) on Floyd ave in Richmond. Julia shot video and we recorded everything we could make noise with (old computer parts, pieces of metal, the walls and floor). Then we played and projected until the wee hours in the morning. This little ditty, aptly named Floyd, is the result. A fond farewell to our graduate studio space.








I am very much interested in the way humans rely on sound(s) to gain an understanding of their surroundings and create a sense of place. As I became conscious of this interest, I began collecting field recordings from various spaces and places in my travels abroad and around the neighborhood over the past 10 years or so.



The files available for download below are available in mp3 format, just right click and save the track (below the player).

Headphones are recommended.























Eastern Market, Detroit, Michigan, July 2008, 00:02:34

Zocalo, Mexico City, May 2006, 00:07:49

17th Street Market, Richmond,
Virginia, September 2006, 00:03:06


Markets, Various Locations, 2000-08











Belles Artes


Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, Illinois, December 2006, 00:01:06

Belles Artes Museum, Mexico City, May 2006, 00:00:38

Seattle Public Library, Seattle,
Washington, September 2006, 00:01:19

Belize City Airport, Belize City,
Belize, August 2007, 00:03:22


Public Spaces, Various Locations, 2000-08













film score+




e(x), Part 1, 2003, 00:06:10

e(x), Part 2, 2003, 00:10:17

e(x), Part 3, 2003, 00:14:30



e(x), Parts 1-3, Digital video,
2003, 00:31:29

A non-narrative social commentary, in
three parts, the film is structured on the
equation e^(x). e(x) [e to the x] was my
first foray into merging experimental film and musical composition. I composed the soundtrack with help from many talented musicians:

Part 1: Nicholas Gaydos, Benjamin Gaydos
Part 2: Jennifer Brigham, Allison Lugo
Part 3: Scott Pruett, Bryan Bickell, Nicholas Gaydos, Benjamin Gaydos

Check out the entire project here.





Three Souls, Ex-Voto for Three Souls, Noun, 2007, 00:07:49

The Boxer, Ex-Voto for Three Souls, Noun, 2007, 00:02:37

The Fisherman, Ex-Voto for Three Souls, Noun, 2007, 00:01:35

  Ex-Voto for Three Souls, Noun / Diego Rivera-Kohn, 2007, 00:42:45

Noun was asked by filmmaker Diego Rivera-Kohn to contribute to sound design for his beautiful documentary film, Ex-Voto for Three Souls (I also contributed animation which can be viewed here).

You can view the trailer to Ex-Voto here.








Only to See, Digital Video, 2005, 00:04:39


Only to See, Digital
Video, 2005, 00:04:39

Music is usually applied very sparsely to the soundtracks of films that I create. Only to See is a good example. Without any audio, the film would simply exist as a series of abstract images. With the addition of spoken vocal track the film gains a story. And finally with the addition of the piano, the film gains emotional depth.

Click here to view more of my films and soundtrack work.








sound design+

Poïesis VI (Part A), Poïesis I-VII, 2006, 00:01:29

Poïesis II, Poïesis I-VII, 2006, 00:01:49

Poïesis IV, Poïesis I-VII, 2006, 00:03:13


Poïesis I-VII, 2006, 00:20:51

The Poïesis project began in a grad-
uate workshop at VCU. a collection of 7 films paired with audio collages and printed material. Each film/audio collage/book in Poïesis was a study of one of seven modes of perception, and an attempt to break with it's influence.

You can view the more of the project here, or click here to download the entire collection of Poïesis audio collages.







Fort Wendy, Outside Circle collective (Featuring Rachel Yezbick), JOMAS Volume 001, 2005, 00:01:50

Pure Pop, Tim Lane, JOMAS Volume 001, 2005, 00:03:25

Beneath the Budding Greenwoods, Evie Wright / Nick Lyon, JOMAS Volume 001, 2005, 00:02:58




JOMAS (The Journal of Motion and Sound), CD + DVD, Outside Circle Collective, 2005

The Journal of Motion and Sound
(JOMAS) is a collection of experimental
films, animation, music, sound
installation and new media released by Outside Circle Collective. I compiled,
produced, designed and authored the
2 DVD + CD collection.

These three tracks showcase the diversity of the collection. In addition to production, I edited and mixed Fort Wendy and Beneath the Budding Green Woods, and on Pure Pop, I recorded and mixed Tim Lane's carbonated verse.

For more of JOMAS click here.








multi-channel + installation+

The following examples were used in multi-channel installation works (usually in a gallery setting), as compositions for multi-channel DVD (audio and/or video), or as 5.1 surround sound mixes for films.




The files available for download below are in Dolby Digital (AC-3) format, and may be played on your computer if you have 5.1 channel sound system.








fleshconcret, (stereo version, channels 1+2), 2004-07, 01:08:09

fleshconcret, (stereo version, channels 3+4), 2004-07, 01:08:09

fleshconcret, (stereo version, channels 5+6), 2004-07, 01:08:09


fleshconcret, (5.1 mix), 2004-07, 01:08:09



fleshconcret (the Detroit Project), multi-channel sound installation, 2004-07

fleshconcret began as a means for a personal understanding of Detroit, a city I had long called my hometown; focusing on architecture, immigration, city planning and human response to the psycho-geography of a city.

The project took on the form of a mixed media installation which combined video, ethnographic audio (interviews/field recordings) with print media, which served as an appendix to the five channel installation. Each audio channel is the voice of a resident recounting their life and living situations, covering over 70 years of personal narratives in Detroit. The appendix (which unfolds to 7’x10’) maps the conversations, paralleling each with the city’s history. This installation is the result of a long (4 year) meditation on the city of Detroit.

For more on the project, click here.










Univers, (5.1 mix film), 2005, 00:01:14

Only to See, (5.1 mix film), 2005, 00:04:39

Poïesis IV, (5.1 mix audio), Poïesis I-VII, 2006, 00:02:22

Poïesis VII, (5.1 mix audio), Poïesis I-VII, 2006, 00:02:09



Various 5.1 Soundtracks, Dolby Digital Surround, 2005-08

Poïesis tracks are availbale as Dolby Surround (AC-3) files, while Univers and Only to See are downloadable films (WMV). Click here to view the films in stereo.