Visual Scavenger Hunt

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If you are interested in taking part in the Visual Scavenger Hunt please [contact me]. If you do not have a digital camera, or access to one, I will be happy to provide you with a disposable camera which can be mailed back to me.

Try to find as many of the objects on the list (to the right) in your community!


Take one photograph of as many of the following items as you can find in your community:

In and around your house
01. Take a picture of yourself
02. The front of today's paper
03. The inside of your food storage receptacle (refrigerator, pantry, etc)
04. A container of laundry detergent
05. A business card
06. Your house or apartment number
07. The name of your street (on a street sign)

08. A poster/billboard advertising a movie
09. A poster/flyer advertising a musical event

In your community
10. A main road
11. A restaurant menu
12. A shelf of packaged groceries in a store
13. A license plate
14. A political poster, flyer, or billboard
15. A police car, fire truck or ambulance
16. An example of public art in your community
17. A religious image
18. A visual example of globalism
19. A T-shirt with a message on it
20. Graffiti on a building
21. Something well designed
22. Something poorly designed
23. An advertisement using sexuality
24. A post office or post box

25. A sign without any words
26. A traffic sign
27. A grocery store sign
28. A sign made by the government
29. Public transit signage (bus, subway, train, etc)