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In a semester-long graduate workshop the students were asked to
develop a hypothetical packaging, label and identity system for the
US postal service. We each researched the current postal system
and analyzed what role design should play in making the postal
service more dependable and secure.


US Mail Packaging, Label and Identity System, 2005

Below you will find the problem solution statements to the right of the images:


US Mail Logo Design, 2005



US Mail Logo Design, 2005

The new mark for the Postal Service champions the strength and stability of the organization. The mark evokes movement and efficiency, and the self reflexive “letter” image in the mark reminds the customer that there is only one organization that delivers the mail. Above all, the Postal Service needs to be loyal and dependable. This logo speaks to such characteristics.



US Mail Identity System Guide
6 x 9, 2005



US Mail Packaging, Label and Identity System, 2005

The following is my project’s problem solution statement:

An identity system will be developed which projects loyalty, dependability and constancy.

A new mark will champion these qualities.

The USPS’ new identity will be applied system-wide, uniformly, through continuous spacial designation.

Through a reassessment of the current USPS working model, technological and environmental advances will be implemented.

Technological advances would include, but not be limited to: an online tracking system (automatically notifying both the receiver and sender), 24 hour automated postal centers and drop boxes, a universal labeling system which can be printed at the customer’s home, etc...

Environmental advances would include, but not be limited to: converting entirely to post-consumer recycled print and packaging materials, reusable and biodegradable packaging materials, energy efficient equipment, etc..

A series of security checkpoints will be installed to deter criminal activity and protect the worker and customer.

In addition to the security checkpoints (which will be partially visible to the customer), shipping will be tightly monitored and tracked- benefiting both the customer and worker.




Postal Application

US Mail Identity System Application, (detail) 6 x 9, 2005


USPS Packaging

US Mail Packaging, (detail) 6 x 9, 2005