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For our VCU Visual Communication/Design MFA exhibition, we second years (Heather Boone, Ben Gaydos, Jinny Kim, Matt Klimas, Karen Stein and Todd Timney) were given 3 days to turn a former office space into a gallery space. We decided that we all liked yellow and got to work.


Re:Search, The VCU Visual Communication Design MFA Exhibition, 2007



Re:Search, Poster, Large Format Digital Color Print, 24” x 36”, 2007

Designer: Todd Timney


Re:Search, Poster, Large Format Digital Color Print, 24” x 36”, 2007

After we decided on yellow, fellow
grad-buddy, Todd Timney, and I brainstormed: Todd came up with the name (my idea was “Work”... boring!)
I came up with a preliminary mockup that utilized the construction idea, and Todd took it from there creating the wonderful typography and logotype.


Re:Search, Exhibition Design, 2007


Re:Search, Exhibition Design, 2007







Re:Search, DVD Packaging, Print, 2007



Re:Search, Exibition Navigation, Digital Media, 2007



Re:Search, Title Cards, Digital Media, 2007



Re:Search, DVD + Exibition Navigation, Print and Digital Media, 2007

I was given the task of compiling and designing the time-based portion of the exhibition. There were a handful of works created by the grads that had both digital and print components. This navigation screen helped viewers to understand the relationship between what they were view with the print media in front of them (see photos from the exhibition above).