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Nayiri is a “hand-made” fashion and accessories line. I was asked by owner/designer/button lover, Nayiri Bardakjian to create an identity system and develop a website/online store for her creative goods. I worked with designer Chris Malven on creating the online storefront, Check it out!




Nayiri Logo Design, 2007



Nayiri Logo, 2007,

As every article of clothing and accessory Nayiri makes comes with a button, focusing on that unique element became a priority in the logo design. The logo is a modular system three different elements that can stand alone: the signature logotype, the button "talk bubble" and the button-hole "accents". The modular system allows for diversity in appearance and an additional level of secondary usage.



Nayiri Website
, 2007



Nayiri Website, 2007

Functionality was key in designing Nayiri's site, but we were able to balance clarity and usability with an interface that spoke to Nayiri's unique approach to a fashion line—hand-made, fun and bright.